FO: Cabled Scarf (FO=”Finished Object”)

I usually try to keep some kind of a “brainless” knitting project in the car for those times when I’m waiting for someone or stuck at a train stop.  Since January, that project has been a cabled scarf from a book entitled “The Knitting Man(ual),” but I’ve been getting sick of it so decided to bring it in and finish it (which I did during the debate last night).

The cool thing about this scarf is that it’s entirely local – in other words, it’s made from yarn “grown” just a few miles from here by Barb and her husband of Marr Haven Wool (Barb is mhyarn on Ravelry).  I originally purchased the yarn for the Labyrinth I knitted last fall/winter and when I had some left over went back and bought a little more so I could make a scarf out of it.  It’s a little rough and smells slightly of lanolin (it’s very lightly processed so retains some of it’s natural oils), but I like it.


  • Needles: US8
  • Fiber: 100% Marino-Rambouillet Wool, Worsted
  • Color: Natural (Undyed)
  • Model: Carina (our lovely Italian Greyhound)

Grace and Peace,


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3 Responses to FO: Cabled Scarf (FO=”Finished Object”)

  1. James Brumm says:

    Dare we note how easy it was for you to complete a “brainless” knitting project while the presidential candidates were talking? 😉

  2. kldavelaar says:

    Ah, how beautiful a scarf — only topped by the model. I can’t believe I’ve never actually met Carina.

    When I move into my next parsonage, I’m thinking of getting a dog — I saw a little Italian Greyhound at a pet store — tell me if/how you recommend this breed for “petdom.” 🙂

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