Think good thoughts and offer prayers…


I have a thesis deadline coming up in a few days and am still awaiting news from my adviser and second reader – making the deadline doesn’t mean I’m done, but it will mean that I’m dramatically closer to being done. The fortunate thing is that, although the whole process has been dramatically slowed done since my adviser is no longer working at the seminary where I’m studying, he’s brilliant and knows the process really well. I also, apparently, was assigned an awesome second reader. I don’t know him but the rumor is good.

On a completely different note. Those of you who know me know that I have never been accused of being athletic. Although I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Ragbrai the past couple of years, it’s mostly because Ragbrai is only tangentially about being athletic. It’s really more about the people and fun. Despite that, I’ve allowed myself to be talked into running a 5k. Crazy! For the record, Matt Reimink is the guilty party. It’s all his fault. In any case, I’ve now embarked on a 9-week plan called “Couch Potato to 5k” that’s supposed to be able to get anyone – even the likes of me – to the point of being able to make it through the experience. Apparently I’m just a sucker for trying something new. I’ll keep you posted.

On a more theological note, we’re working our way back through the Heidelberg Catechism in our Adult Sunday School class. I am increasingly convinced that one of the fundamental problems in the Church today is a mis-balance of emphasis on Word without Sacrament (in the Protestant Church… just the opposite in most Catholic churches). Add to that the fact that we have so separated the table from the experience of eating and drinking with one another that it’s hard to even pretend that the sacramental table is a “meal.” More will eventually show up on this blog to this effect. I’m just to emotionally and intellectually strung out to type it up for now (see first paragraph of this post…).

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers…

Grace and Peace,

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