Made it to Chariton

Yep… I’m in Chariton. First the kvetching…. Last year one of my pet peeves was the overnight towns who gave immense preference to riders who went with charters or RV’s. It’s easy to tell towns that do it. They put the campers who use the Register’s baggage service way out in the middle of nowhere. Chariton, unfortunately, followed suit. Our campground is way out int he middle of nowhere and it’s on a hill… um… apparently no one in Chariton has ever tried camping in a tent on a hill. (Note: Charters and groups seem to have gotten much nicer spots….) Grump. To add insult to it all, they put a shuttle service into play (which is pretty typical) but charged us to use it. OK, so it’s on $1… it’s the principle. Well… that’s the grumpiness.

It was a good ride today. About half the mileage and half the climb as yesterday (which made it about just as hilly, but for a much shorter time). I wrote about the first half of the ride earlier, but the second half went just as well.

Chariton is actually a nice little town. Instead of $5 on showers, we spent $5 on hitting the pool — much better (and, of course, got a shower with it). The water was refreshing.. if a bit brisk.

The weather has cooled off nicely now that the sun is starting to go down a bit.

Food update: We were going to hit the Catholic church for Lasagna… but they ran out. So we walked over to the Methodist church of Rost Beef… but they were out. I ended up with a bag of mini-donuts and some pasta (the donuts were piping hot and the pasta was tepid) both were good though.

Anyhow, it’s going well, hard to believe it’s over half done now!

(Side note: for those of you who care, as of yesterday – about halfway through – I had officially ridden more miles ON Ragbrai than in preparation for it… yeah.. no wonder I’m a bit sore!)

Having a good time, and it looks like it’ll be a good night for sleeping in a tent.

Grace and Peace,

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  1. shiranne says:

    Hi Tim .. Sounds like the first half went pretty good, just rained hard here in Dunningville..the Peanut Butter sandwiches are starting to sound good!!
    Did you say you’re back here to preach on Sunday? Writing a sermon in a tent sounds interesting. Have a safe trip, Shirley

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