Cable Guy Sweater

It all started on September 26, 2009. I opened up to page 74 of Debbie Stoller’s Son of a SnB and cast on 280 stitches to create the bottom of the Cable Guy Sweater. It’s been a long journey, including having to rip out a large section at one point and casting off the neck only to find out that I had to re-do it because my head didn’t fit through the original neck hole! (Oh, and NO I do not have a particularly big head!)

It’s done though, and I’m pretty happy with it:


  • Yarn: Purelife Brittish Sheep Breeds, undyed (100% Wool) by Rowan
  • Colorway: Grey Suffolk
  • Needles: US6 and US8
  • Pattern: “Cable Guy” (pg. 74 of Son of a SnB)
  • If anyone is considering doing the pattern, I followed the medium pattern (the first numbers inside the parenthesis) but lengthened the body and the arms to the row counts of the XXL. The arms are a bit too long (which is better than too short) but the body length is about perfect. Also, I think the pattern moves the start of the row for final decreases on the neck shaping – it isn’t a big deal; simply follow the routine you’ve been doing for the rest of the decreases.

    Also, I think there’s an error in the neck shaping Rnd 1. It reads “*K2, k2tog, work in patt as est to 5 sts…” I think it should be: *K2, k2tog, work in patt as est to 4 sts… (Rather than 5)

    Finally, the pattern calls to decrease the neck down to 98 stitches. Even after redoing the cast-off and using a slightly-stretchy one, my head barely fits through it. If I’d do it again, I’d probably shape the front neck (to remove what looks remarkably similar to a double chin…) and decrease less (for a slightly larger neck-hole).

    In any case… Have a great day!

    Grace and Peace,

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