Yes, You Can!

Today is the first Sunday of Advent – the first day of a new church year. Many people are familiar with Advent wreaths used in church services, but some of you might not have considered the possibility of using an Advent wreath at home to help celebrate the season with your friends and family.

Just in case no one’s ever told you this before – you can do Advent at home too! You don’t need a minister… or elder… or other special religious leader. As Nike put it: Just do it.

The only problem for many people is that they don’t know where to start. Well, it’s simple. Get four candles (traditionally purple or blue… some communities use a rose colored candle for the third Sunday) and light a new one each week in anticipation of Christmas and Christ’s return. Often a white candle is put in the middle of the wreath and lit for Christmas to signify Christ’s birth.

If you want, feel free to use the Advent litanies we’re using at our church – they’re more than suitable for home use; you can download them here (Advent-Litany-2010.pdf). Simply print 2-sided and fold in half and *poof* litanies for the next four weeks!

I wrote them myself (and have been revising them for a couple of years) so you’re on solid ground to make all the copies you need without fear!


Grace and peace,

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