Chartres-Chart Knitted Labyrinth



As some of you know, I designed a knitted labyrinth several years ago; as a matter of fact, a few of you have even seen it – the first version of it sits in my office.

Unfortunately, the process of actually charting it for publication has been slow and tedious. It is, however, finally done! The labyrinth is knit flat and color changes are done on both the purl and the knit rows.  It can be knit with any yarn or any sized needles.  For best results, use colors that contrast well and needles that produce a tightly-knit fabric.

The 4-page download includes:

  • An introductory page
  • A single-page version of the chart
  • An enlarged version of the chart split over two pages.

And – since I know you were asking – you can purchase your very own downloadable copy of the pattern for $14 at:

If you’d like a printed version, drop me an e-mail and I’ll see what I can do!


Grace and peace,

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  1. cynthia says:

    Could you provide me the dimensions of the knitted labyrinth? Also, are printed instructions available; I can’t knit off a chart?

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